OVERLIGHT S.r.l. created and published the website AVENUM.IT to offer a service exclusively for its own Clients.

The products on sale on the website AVENUM.IT are destined to the Final Customer.

By “Final Customer” OVERLIGHT S.r.l. means people who do not operate their own entrepreneurial nor professional activities that may include but not limited to the re-sale of merchandise purchased at AVENUM.IT. 

Therefore, OVERLIGHT S.r.l.. requests Users who are not considered a “Final Customer” to refrain from attempting to establish business relations with AVENUM.IT nor use accounts of third parties to forward purchase orders relative to the merchandise on sale.

In regard to the commercial policy described above, OVERLIGHT S.r.l.. reserves the right to not process orders from people that are not the Final Customer and any other orders that are not in conformity with the said commercial policies.