Shipping costs for each specific geographic area are listed below. Please note that in case that, for any reason, customer refuses the delivery of the parcel, shipping costs and import duty fees related to the automatic return of the parcel to the sender will be charged to the customer. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the order to be refunded.


Shipping costs: €10. Shipping is free for orders over €100.


Shipping costs: €20. Shipping is free for orders over €200.


Shipping costs: €40. Shipping is free for orders over €400. Please note that prices do not include duties and taxes. Customers must take care of any duty and tax fees. Customers will correspond this amount to the carrier, according to the process recommended by the carrier itself.

At delivery time, customer are kindly invited to carefully inspect the parcel before signing and confirming the completed delivery of the same. AVENUM.IT carefully seals parcels with a customized adhesive tape with the logo of AVENUM.IT. In case the customer receives a parcel that has been opened by Customs or by the Carrier for authorized inspections, the parcel will be closed with a guarantee seal by the specific body. If the parcel appears damaged, or the adhesive tape not intact, customer is kindly invited to sign the delivery of the parcel with the note “Received unchecked”, or to refuse the delivery of the parcel. In case the parcel will not result untouched, customers is kindly invited to open a claim with the local DHL office and promptly contact AVENUM.IT at the e-mail address If the parcel is not intact, and the customer signs the delivery without the note “Received unchecked”, delivery will be deemed automatically accepted and consequently AVENUM.IT will not accept any related claim. 

By placing an order, customers establish a commercial relationship with AVENUM.IT and commit to accept delivery of the parcel related to the order placed. If the parcel cannot be delivered to the given shipping address due to causes ascribable to the absent cooperation of the customer (wrong or incorrect phone number, wrong or incorrect shipping address, absent receiver), or if the customer refuses to collect the parcel, the parcel will be returned to the sender AVENUM.IT in Italy at customer’s expense. The expense includes shipping costs and any duty and tax fees; the amount will be deducted from the total amount of the order to be refunded.


Italy: 1-2 Working Days

EU: 2-3 Working Days

Rest of the World: 3-4 Working Days


AVENUM.IT will send by email the tracking number for the order, once available from the courier.


All shipments are Ex-Works.